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There are several different parts of the desktop that can be themed, as shown in the picture below.

  1. You can set the image for the desktop background. The pinboard FAQ section tells how.
  2. The window titles and borders are controlled by a window manager, such as OroboROX. There are lots of different window managers to choose from, and most have a large selection of themes available.
  3. Buttons, menus and scrollbars within each window are drawn by the toolkit. ROX applications use the GTK toolkit, which has many themes (see below).
  4. The icon displayed for each file type is set by the icon theme (see below).

See also:

Window manager themes

If you use OroboROX, right click on the OroboROX icon in a ROX-Filer window and choose Options to get a list of themes.

If using another window manager, you can find lots of themes at

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