Getting a shell

Getting a shell for the directory shown in a filer window

To get to the shell from a ROX-Filer window, right click to open the menu and choose Terminal Here... from the Window submenu. I usually bind this to the ` key so that I don't have to open the menu.

By default xterm is used for this. Choose Options... from the main menu and go to the Menu section to set a different program.

If you just want to enter one command, choose Shell Command... from the Window menu instead. This allows you to enter a command in a prompt that appears at the bottom of the filer window. I usually bind this to !.

Running a command with the ROX shell minibuffer

Getting a shell for you home directory

Drag your preferred terminal emulator to the pinboard or to a panel and assigned a short-cut key using the Edit Item... menu item. This short-cut will open a terminal window whatever program you are currently using. I usually bind Ctrl-` to this function.

You can probably find some suitable terminal emulators in /usr/share/applications.

To bind keys to menu items, see the keyboard shortcuts page.