Loading and saving

ROX uses drag-and-drop for file operations. Users load files by dragging to your application directory. They import files by dragging into a document window. They save by dragging back to a filer window. See Edit for an example of this.
The traditional method of using a 'mini-filer' window is bad because:

  • The user must learn two interfaces (the application and the filer) which do the same thing -- navigate the filesystem.
  • Mini-filers either have too little functionality (eg, can't create a new directory, can't search for files) or have too much and are confusing.
  • It should be the user's choice which filer to use for all applications, not the application author's choice on a per-application basis.
  • Mini-filers invariably default to the wrong directory. In ROX, the user can have multiple filer windows open, drag to pinboard and panels and so on.
  • Drag-and-drop saving allows the user to save directly from one application into another.


When some data (not in a file) is dropped onto your application directory, ROX-Filer will ask you to load '-' and passes the data in on standard input. Make sure you support this!
Menu items names:

  • Save As... opens a savebox. Most programs only need to provide this. It is called Save As rather than Save to avoid confusion with Window's Save behaviour.
  • Quick Save saves directly using the current filename without opening a savebox. This is what many systems call Save, but to avoid confusing with
    RISC OS we use a different name.

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