The File menu

The file menu is really getting too long now. We should probably hide items that don't apply and think about removing unneeded items (eg, 'Count', now that Info does it). -- Thomas Leonard
It does need pruning, but I'd prefer not to hide items. It's better if the menu layout doesn't change each time it appears. -- Stephen Watson
Right, although some things change anyway (eg, Shift Open is displayed as 'Open as Text', 'Mount', etc). There's also a new menu API going into GTK at the moment, but I haven't looked into it. -- Thomas Leonard


  • Look Inside and Open AVFS really do the same thing, but one for files and one for apps.

- Send To is really just to help people find it if they didn't read the manual. Noone actually uses it (apart from binding a key to it).
I beg to differ! :-) That "bind to key" aspect is important because, without an explicit menu entry, there's no easy way to bind the key. In any case, the File menu is the obvious place for Send To (see the FAQ at the end of this page, for example) -- John Pettigrew

  • Count and Permissions should be moved to Info (which becomes Properties). Need a way to report errors while counting. Have a Permissions button for directories for the full interface?
  • Need extra items for multiple-selections (bulk rename, permissions, etc).
  • Move Find somewhere else, so it works on everything by default?
  • The panel and pinboard File menus should match the main one.