Drag-and-drop saving in all GTK applications

Can I get drag-and-drop saving in all my Gtk+ applications?

See httpthis feature request. Feel free to add a comment if you want this. Type the comment into
the box marked `Additional Comments' and click on the `Save Changes' button.
In the mean-time, Stephen Watson has created some tools to make converting existing programs easier: httpwww.kerofin.demon.co.uk. This was for
GTK+ 1.2, not the current GTK+2.2. In any case GTK+ 2.4 will have a different load/save interface.
The Gimp now (version 2.3.x in CVS) does drag-and-drop saving from the toolbar, if the preview widget is enabled there. They can't do it using the save box, due to GTK limitations: