How do I...

Can I get archives to unpack in the current directory instead of my home?

If you bind archives to commands such as:

tar xzf "$@"

you will find that the files in the archive will be unpacked in your home directory. (Actually they get unpacked into ROX-Filer's current directory, which is normally $HOME).

To have the files unpack into the the same directory as the archive either:

  1. Use a script like:
    cd "`dirname $@`"
    tar xzf "$@"

  2. Use Archive to to unpack archives.

Using Archive is prefered because it is far more flexible.

Can I open archives in vfs mode with a simple click, like in mc?

Yes, just open the Set Run Action box and set the command as:

rox "$1#/"

This means that such files are opened using ROX-Filer, with #/ on the end of the name to look inside the archive.

Can I use .mailcap for file associations?

Not easily. But see:

How do I change the application used for `Open As Text'?

Find a real text file and use Set Run Action on that. Using Open As Text (or Shift clicking on the file) just pretends that the type is text/plain.

How do I get filetyping working?

ROX filetyping is based around MIME-types. The filer guesses the MIME type for a file based on its name and contents.
See the MIME-Editor application page for more information about this.

To set which application gets run when you open a file, choose `Set Run Action' from the `File' menu. Either drag an application onto the dialog box that appears, or enter a shell command to run for files of that type.

How do I set the background image?

Right click on the desktop background. Choose Backdrop... from the bottom of the menu. Drag an image in.

If no background image is set, the colour set in the Options box is used (choose ROX-Filer/Options... from the menu).

You can use Wallpaper to select a random backdrop image at regular intervals, and for other interesting effects.

Note that the pinboard is actually a screen-sized window that covers the real root window completely. Therefore, programs that try to draw on the root window directly won't have any effect.

Why don't the types work on CDs or Windows discs?

This happens when all the files are shown using the icon (or similar).

These types of file system can force all files to be marked as executable, which overrides the type system. Either re-configure the file system (if you know how!) or use the option Types=>Ignore eXecutable bit for known extensions.

This option was removed in ROX-Filer 2.3, which should be better at getting the type right without messing around.

If the file has been copied from a CD or Windows disc it will still be executable. Use either the Permissions, Info or Properties menu items to remove the executable permissions.