ROX-Filer is in Debian/stable. To install:

# apt-get install rox-filer

You can get all the other ROX software using AddApp or ROX-All.

Dennis Tomas writes that he has

"put together a package "rox-desktop" containing nothing but some (IMHO) good defaults, 0install-wrappers for some core software and a login-script. [...] I've also made a menu-method for debian, which places app-wrappers for on-rox-apps in /usr/share/rox/Apps/Debian.

It's all available from

You can also add it to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb binary/

Then update APT's cache with:

# apt-get update

There is also a (separate and less active) ROX-in-Debian Project at


After installing, you might like to read the Getting Started Guide.

Existing (non-ROX) applications are available from /usr/share/applications.


You can install gtk themes w/ apt too.

apt-cache search gtk-engines
apt-cache search gtk2-engines

Then just select a theme from the GTk theme switcher or by runing ROX-session>SessionSetting>Display