ROX package for Slackware Linux 10.1
The latest httpROX package (2.2.0 at the time of writing) for httpSlackware Linux 10.1 is provided httpon my personal web site. You must also install httpgnome/shared-mime-info and httpgnome/hicolor-icon-theme official Slackware packages. If you are running another version of Slackware Linux, you can use the rox-slackbuild archive to build your own Slackware package for ROX. -- httpLiNuCe.

ROX Filer packages for Slackware 9.0, 9.1, 10.0 provides packages for httpSlackware 9.0 as well as httpSlackware 9.1, and has just added packages for httpSlackware 10.0.

Older (1.x) ROX Filer packages for Slackware 8.1
Franois Cami has created Slackware 8.1 binary packages for i686 systems. These are for Slackware 8.1 only. Supporting packages (GTK and the shared MIME database) can be found