Generic binaries

Installing for other systems

You should be able to install ROX using the ROX-All package.

If you only want to get the filer, run this (as a user, not as root):

$ 0alias rox

If you don't have the 0alias command, get it from (it's a Python script).
You'll be presented with a box asking which version you want.

Click on the Download button and it will download both parts, unpack them, check the signatures and create a rox script in the first directory in PATH. If you don't have a writable directory in PATH, you can add one like this:

$ mkdir ~/bin
$ export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH

Then run the filer with:
$ rox

as normal. To check for updates:

$ rox --versions

Manual installation

Some binaries are on the filer download page.
Note: only Linux-x86 and PPC binaries are currently available. The location of the PPC binaries is given in

Install the rest of the desktop as for Red Hat.

After installing, you might like to read the Getting Started Guide.