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Helping out with ROX

As a user

The easiest way to help out with ROX is to add useful comments to the pages on this site. If you see something that's confusing, wrong, or out-of-date, leave a comment and we'll fit it! If you know a better answer to a question in the FAQ or you've got some links for the Theme Gallery, put them in.

You can also help by trying out each new version and sending bug reports and suggestions for new features. Graphics for file icons and toolbar buttons may also be accepted.

You might like to join in discussions on the Mailing Lists.

As a programmer

You can add features and fix bugs in the ROX programs yourself - send us patch files when you do and we may
include your changes in future releases. You can also help out by writing your own, ROX-compliant, programs or by helping other people who are doing this. The tutorials will help you get started.


Click on the $ sign beside a developer's username in the list of developers to send them money. Not all developers have $ signs, as they don't all accept donations this way.

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