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alarm clock and reminder list
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Thomas Leonard

Memo is a small utility which you can use to store appointments and 'TODO' items. It displays the next few entries in a small window, and can also be instructed to bring up alert windows at set times.

If you have a D-BUS notification service available then it will use that to display alerts. Otherwise, it will use a built-in dialog box.

Memo showing a notification

Notifications on Ubuntu

Notifications didn't work on Ubuntu breezy, but after pointing sources.list at dapper and doing apt-get install dbus notification-daemon they work fine.

Notifications on Debian

To get the notification daemon on Debian (if it isn't working already):

# apt-get update
# apt-get install python python2.4-dbus notification-daemon

Note: Debian/stable is too old for this.

Memo: Icon Only On Icon Bar

I notice one of your screenshots shows Memo as an icon rather than a clock applet. How did you do that?

Delete AppletRun

Shift-click to open it and delete (or rename) AppletRun.

The screenshot is probably just old, though ;-)

That Seems To Have Done The Trick :)

Now I can use it as a reminder applet :-)

Latest (2.1) has problems with updating its display

Latest does not appear to update its display except after certain events occur.. (haven't entirely figured out which ones will cause the refresh all the time...)

If I add an event and the window should grow to show it, it does not grow.

If I hide one event and show another, it does not adjust the display to reflect this.

Which window?

The main window seems to grow and shrink appropriately when I try adding, removing, hiding and un-hiding events. This seems to work whether the main window is a top-level window, or a popup beside Memo running as an applet.

Can you be more specific with how you replicate this, and which window isn't growing like you expect?

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