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mouse configuration applet
Current stable version: 
Primary author(s): 
Guido Schimmels

This configuration tool lets you configure mouse settings, including
acceleration, drag-and-drop sensitivity, double-click speed, and button order.
You can also use it to change the mouse pointer's appearance.

You need to be running ROX-Session as your session manager for this to work.

Mouse screenshot

Get error

Traceback (most recent call last):
File ./AppRun, line 6, in ?
from settings import settings, Setting
File /home/normal/Apps/Sistema/Configuracion de Mouse/, line 23, in ?
rox_session = bus.get_service('net.sf.rox.Session')
AttributeError: 'SessionBus' object has no attribute 'get_service'

Im using the latest version of Rox-session and Rox-lib, also get the same error with the rest of your apps, exept in look&fell i get segfault, but it works oce (i don't now why!)


DBUS incompatibility

This is related to an incompatible version of the dbus library.

This incompatible library is used, for example, on Ubuntu Breezy.

See the "Troubleshooting" section in my installation notes for Ubuntu for a solution:

DBUS incompatibility

Does it work with the new 0.10 release?

Mouse Button Order

The left-handed option swaps the functions of buttons 1 and 2.

Would it be possible to have a similar option to swap the functions of buttons 2 and 3?

This may seem like an unusual request, but as a RISC OS user this would be most appreciated.

python version

This does
#!/usr/bin/env python2.4

Which fails on python 2.5 setups. It should probably
#!/usr/bin/env python

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