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Missing software

This is a temporary page listing software that isn't yet on the new site (so it still shows up in searches).

The links are broken, but please copy the details from the old index.

Applications repackaged for easy use in ROX

Additional ROX Software

This is software generally written with the ROX Desktop in mind. Usually uses one of the ROX Libraries (below)

  • RETicker - Watch your favorite news-ticker (rss/rdf) in your panel.
  • MPlayer-ROX - A simple wrapper for mplayer for easier watching movies and using subtitles.
  • MagickThumbnail to generate thumbnails for all filetypes which ImageMagick can handle, and gimp's .xcf files too.
  • Rename - Little app written in Ruby, to rename files and dirs recursively using ?Reg Exps. You can test the resulting names before apply the action.
  • DevWatch - (experimental) little app written in Python, which is supposed to update a panel or the pinboard (add or remove an icon) when a storage device gets added or removed by HAL.
  • Terminal - A terminal emulator wrapper.
  • Menu - An applet providing an application start menu for the ROX panel.
  • XDG-Menu - A panel applet that displays an application menu button. The menus it builds fit the XDG Menu Specification published by

Audio/Video Songer

Songer is an ID3 tag editor for MP3s. ID3 tags are small chunks of extra data in the end of an MP3 file containing information about the audio, such as Artist, Title, Album, etc.

This is a copy with a patch I made to support ID3v2 tags. -- Ken H. RoxCD

An CD player/ripper for ROX Desktops. Written in python. RoxDAO

A graphical frontend for cdrdao that lets you compose and burn audio CD's in disc-at-once mode. Supports other cdrdao features such as nondestructive cutting, editable trackmarks, and silences. Mp3Ogg2Wav

A simple application that converts .mp3 and .ogg files to 44.1KHz 16bit stereo .wav's, used by RoxDAO when you add .mp3 or .ogg files to a CD project. Picky

A image viewer and slideshow app like KuickView or EOG. ROXmpc

A simple to use MPD client.

Internet ROXget

Download Handler. Features a "ROXified" interface, now with proxy support.

Other RoxISO is a frontend to mkisofs and cdrecord
which lets you create and burn data CD's. OKM

OK Monitor (originally called Everything's OK), waits for events to occur then changes the image to indicate the event.


  • Andrew Flegg's ROX/X11 page contains patches to allow objects to be dragged from Mozilla to ROX-Filer, and a Gtk+ 2 wget wrapper.
  • Stephen Watson's ROX patches page has numerous patches, including one to bash to allow it to support App Dirs.

Clocks, calendars and PIMs (Personal Information Managers) httpgDeskCal
A semi-transparent calendar for your desktop background. httpPanelClock

PanelClock is a simple clock from Chris Shaffer that is designed to be run as an Applet on ROX panels. Currently, it can only be run as a applet. PanelClock is based upon the code from Thomas Leonard's applet tutorial.
A very very very very very simple clock

Also, see the Theme Gallery.

System monitors httpXOsview

The XOsview utility displays a set of bar graphs which show the current system state, including memory usage, CPU usage, system load, etc. This is XOsview 1.8.0 repackaged as a ROX-App Dir. The sources come with the latest (Build 16) Fedora patches applied, which among variouses other fixes, make XOsview compatible with 2.6.x Linux kernels. Linux-ix86 binary included for convenience. httptgauge
Keep an eye on your CPU temperature - and other lm_sensors data - with stylish gauges on your ROX panel.

Battery monitor applets

Application launchers

  • httpSuxPanel is a GNOME-like top panel compatible with application directories.
  • httpRunIt is a mini-commander type applet allowing you to execute shell commands from the panel.
  • httpROX-Run is just a simple run dialog for ROX.
  • httpPebbles is an easy to use menu-based filesystem navigation aid for the ROX desktop.

Other little helpers httpShredder Secure File Wiping and Deletion. Shredder is a ROX-wrapper for fwipe (included). x86 only. httpFile Shredder Similar to the Shredder above, File Shredder is a ROX-wrapper for GNU shred. OS and processor neutral. httpMagickThumbnail Thumbnail Helper for all filetypes known to httpImageMagick. This includes font preview (ttf and type1), PDFs, gnuplot files and more fancy things like that.

Pagers and system tray

Panel Applets


I was looking for a cd player for ROX (musicbox only seems to play downloaded files) and came across this. According to the site I found it on it's a CD player and ripper. Well, the ripping part of it works okay but I've had a devil of a time getting sound out of it. No option I've tried works and there's nothing in the options to configure sound.

It would be nice if ROX had a proper working little CD playing applet. This has promise but could be more user friendly.

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