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Subversion on sourceforge

I've been using subversion (a CVS replacement) to manage the zero-install software ever since announced they'd be supporting it in the new year (this was in 2004, I think ;-). It's been working well, except that it was on my local machine so no-one else could access it. have finally deployed a beta subversion service to certain projects, including zero-install, and they've imported my local repository. You can check out the latest by following the instructions.

You should be able to get the whole thing like this:

$ svn co zero-install

In addition to the latest versions of 0launch (including the new signature format), 0launch-gui, and AddApp, there are two previously-unreleased programs: test-gui (for integration testing) and 0publish.

0publish is a program for processing injector feed files. It can create new feeds, let you edit feeds with a text editor (automatically checking the new version is valid before signing and saving it) and can be used in scripts to perform other operations such as making a new release (part of my plans to streamline the release process).


The snapshots are now being built from Subversion instead of CVS.

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