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More web-site changes

I've added a 'Testers wanted' block to the news, software and developer pages. This shows all programs whose Current testing version field isn't empty. It should also remind people to mark their programs as stable after a while, instead of forgetting about it until the next release (as I usually do).

I've also created a new page type for release announcements (using Drupal's flexinode module) and added a little PHP to put an announce this release link at the bottom of each software page which will fill in some of the fields for you. The release process has been updated (and split into smaller pages).

Update: with a little more PHP, the announcement (when viewed full-page) now includes an automatically generated announcement formatted for posting to the mailing list (including the changes, AddApp URL, and upgrade instructions!).

Spam blocking

We've been getting a huge number of spam comments over the last few days. Probably you only saw the first few because I switched comment moderation on soon after it started.

I guess it's automated, because they're coming from many different IP addresses, so I've changed the comment code to require a new form element to be present. People submitting using a browser should get it automatically, spam-bots should have their stuff rejected.

Let me know if you spot any problems.

(I was actually interrupted while trying to fix the web spam problem by a phone call from a telemarketer, so at least I had someone to share my feelings with ;-)

Spam blocking working

Yep, must be automated. The logs show repeated rejected spam comments.

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