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Shared MIME run actions

This is about offering the user a list of applications which can open a particular file. Ideally, applications should be able to add themselves to this list in a way that can be picked up by all desktops. Also, the user's preferred handler for opening a particular type should affect all applications.
See http

Very important feature

since, not all distribution comes with rox, and almost all well done distributions like ubuntu comes with gnome and rox is not usually installed, and when user install it, it is a painfull task to configure which applications/commands should be used to open each kind of file, and what is the prefered one.

The current method requires lots of browsing just to add one application to the list on only one MIME type.
You need:
1. Right clic over mime type.
2. Clic on edit list
3. Since .desktop files cant be used with that purpose, we need to browse to /usr/bin or whatever other bin-path that ussually haves lots and lots of files.
4. Drag&Drop to the window

3.bis. open a terminal on the MIMEtype-list-folder
4. make the simbolic link.
This can be easier in most cases.

3.bis2. open a terminal on the MIMEtype-list-folder
4. make an script to run the application with $1 as the file name. Example. for switching desktop with feh --bg-scale $1 and make it executable.
This can't be made with just DND

sorry, i forget ...

that is the reason for what we need some script to make it firstly automatically and/or update, from what gnome or kde have in its configuration.

Easier MIME editing

I'm not sure I fully understand, but it seems like you are using the MIME-Editor application to do all this. There is a much easier way built into the filer itself: use "Set Run Action", on the file menu.

It lets you set the application used. You can drag and drop, or enter a path. It also lets you set that application as the default for similar file types. E.g. when I set the GIMP to open PNG files, I can also set the GIMP as the default for all images. Doing so does not write over existing settings - so on my system Inkscape would still be used to open SVG files and other vector graphics.

no, what i say, is which is

no, what i say, is which is needed an script to copy gnome's MIME run actions and convert it to ROX's MIME run actions.
From one format to another, and maybe in the other way too, to make both more compatible.
For all distributions that doesn't comme with rox preinstalled and preconfigured, and making easier the configuration for all users.

also, i dont see where can i configure MIME run actions in MIME-Editor

My mistake

You're quite right, my mistake, you can't set run actions with MIME-Editor, only add and edit types. Doesn't seem that it would be too hard to write a script to populate the MIME-types directory automatically either.

yeah, there should be an

yeah, there should be an option to import/export this kind of configuration from gnome/kde/xfce in the options windows of rox. also should be a commandline parameter to call when rox is installed and gnome was previusly on the system.

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