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It generates thumbnails for ROX-Filer using various thumbnailers
Current stable version: 
Primary author(s): 
Yuri Bongiorno

ROX-thumbnailers generate thumbnails for ROX-Filer using various thumbnailers (ffmpegthumbnailer, totem-gstreamer-video-thumbnailer, totem-xine-video-thumbnailer, evince-thumbnailer, gnome-raw-thumbnailer, gnome-xcf-thumbnailer
comicthumb, thunar-thumbnailers, swfdec-thumbnailer).

It's based on VideoThumbnail by Stephen Watson: thanks, Stephen!

add an other thumbnailer

Great program.

Is it easy to add other thumbnailers to yours ?

Say: I want to build thumbnails for RAW pictures files from Canon cameras (extension .cr2). Parsing your files, it seems I have to create a app-cr2 file changing the command commando; create a cr2 directory with a AppInfo.xml file in with the associated mime types, add the option box in and option.xml.

Other things to do ?


> Other things to do

> Other things to do ?

that's all! :)

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