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ROX-CLib roadmap

My current plans for ROX-CLib are:

  • 2.1.8. This was done in March 2006. The major new feature: internationalization support. The messages in ROX-CLib are now translatable, there is a .po file, the .mo files are generated and stored inside the AppDir, and are used when found. Apps get their .mo files loaded if found.
  • 2.1.9 was released November 2006. This includes:
    • More support for menus, simplifying the code that needs to be in the app.
    • Extended attribute support.
    • Support for building against GTK 2.4 using Zero Install.
    • 0compile support
  • 2.1.10 sometime in the future, including:
    • Improved system tray interface
    • xxmlrpc for communicating with ROX-Session
    • libglade interface similar to that in ROX-Lib.
  • 2.2.0, hopefully this will be 2.1.10 deemed stable.

The plans for 2.3.x are mainly to do with removing the deprecated API:

  • 2.3.0: remove support for compiling against the deprecated API, possibly allow a pre-processor symbol to override it.
  • 2.3.1: Definitely remove support for compiling against the deprecated API. Warnings about compiling against the API can not be silenced.
  • 2.3.2: Remove deprecated API for good.

Hopefully there will be some new features as well... Suggestions welcome.

One thing I haven't decided about is the ROXMIMEType* symbols such as text_plain, etc. Do I leave them as they are, prefix with rox_ or remove them entirely? Does anybody actually use them?

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