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Running ROX applications from Xfce

I spent a bit of time this weekend hacking on the Xfce panel. The result is that you can now install programs by dragging a URL from a web-browser into the Xfce panel's launcher dialog (much as ROX users do with AddApp). This makes it easy to put ROX applications into your panel; just drag the links from the Zero Install software index to the dialog, as in this screenshot:

ROX applications in the Xfce panel

Note: currently it only sets the name and command automatically. It would be quite possible to set the summary from the downloaded interface file, and to download the icon as well. I'll wait for feedback from the Xfce people before going further, though.

See also:

This have just been commited

This have just been commited to Xfce SVN as revision 20330.

Patch to set the icon

I've created a small patch to set the icon too (submitted as XFCE bug #1616).

You'll need version 0.19 or later of the injector to see the icons.

The other way around

Is it possible to run XFCE panel plugins on ROX panel ?

Xfce applets

I don't know. When you drag an applet to the panel, ROX-Filer runs a script called 'AppletRun' inside the applet's directory, passing in the ID of a GtkSocket as the argument. The applet creates a GtkPlug using that ID: see the applet tutorial.

How do Xfce applets work?

XFCE applets

I took a look at XFCE's source, but it's way over my head... :-)

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