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Can I get archives to unpack in the current directory instead of my home?

If you bind archives to commands such as:

tar xzf "$@"

you will find that the files in the archive will be unpacked in your home directory. (Actually they get unpacked into ROX-Filer's current directory, which is normally $HOME).

To have the files unpack into the the same directory as the archive either:

  1. Use a script like:
    cd "`dirname $@`"
    tar xzf "$@"

  2. Use Archive to to unpack archives.

Using Archive is prefered because it is far more flexible.


For RAR I set run action to: xterm -e unrar x "$@" `dirname "$@"`
Same can be done with any other compression utility, I'm sure.


The developer version uses this. I will upload a new release on's file release system starts working again.

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I like 7z.

you can install it on debian with "apt-get install p7zip-full p7zip-rar"

then, on rox, you can do this:
7z x -o"$(dirname "$@")" "$@"

You can use tar -C

Like this:

xterm -e tar -C "`dirname $@`" -vxjf "$@"

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