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shows open windows as icons in a growing widget
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Dennis Tomas

TaskTray is a panel applet that shows open windows of running applications.
Every application is presented as an icon.

You need libwnck and its python-bindings to run it.
For TaskTray >= 0.6, you also need TrayLib.


Is it possible to set the icons for the apps ? I've took a stab at the python script but can't figure out where they come from. I've also done some editing to show the apps in all workspaces, not just current. Could you include this feature as an option in future versions ? Thanks for this nice applet.

Re: Icons

The icons are provided by the applications (as pixbufs). The TaskTray applet gets them by calling window.class_group.get_icon(). In order to change them, a menu item "change icon" would have to be added, opening an icon drop box. TaskTray could then save pairs of class_group.get_name():icon_path in a file. However, I'm not sure if I have the time and will to do the coding, but if you have a patch, I'll add it.

I'm going to add an "all workspaces" option to the next version.

Panel size

When I use the newest version of TaskTray (with the zooming icons) the Panel expands hugely unless I reduce the task icons to something like 11pt.

I think that the latest release is great and would love to use it, is there any way around this problem?

Task Tray

On this update I still have problems with the panel size unless I shrink icons down to 16pt. The panel seems to creep bigger and bigger, far bigger than the zoomed icons require. Do others have this problem? I'm now stuck with tiny icons - please help!

Task Tray is otherwise an excelent piece of work, many thanks!

I may have this too

This seems to affect my home machine but not my work machine.

I have no idea why. Perhaps it has something to do with the DPI of your X session? I haven't had a chance to look into this yet.

A workaround I found that works at home is to enable the "Move other icons when scaling" option.


That workaround does the trick - not to keen on the icons moving around myself.

I've got to say it again though - I love Task Tray, that's the only reason I'm bothered about it playing up at all.

Fixed in 0.5.1 (?)

I think I found the cause of it and should even have fixed it. But I couldn't reproduce the behaviour you described, so I don't know for sure if it's gone. Please give 0.5.1 a try and tell me if it's ok now.

Oh, and thanks for all the praise!


I was wondering if somehow the icons could give us feedback when the window want to give us one, like with Pidgin conversation, I can't know if someone I wrote to replyed.

Re: Notification

Yes, I think this could be implemented quite easily. Not sure what kind of feedback the icon should give. Blink?

Do as you see fit. Maybe

Do as you see fit.
Maybe blinking the background of the icon? With the "selected" color.


Everything seems to work fine.

Thanks for your hard work!


I'm not so keen on the addition of white arrows over each icon. Would it be possible to make them optional in future versions?

Re: Arrows

I've made them optional for 0.5.3.

Pulls In Too Many Gnome Dependencies

I think I'll stick to iconified windows on the pinboard


not really

Libwnck itself doesn't depend on any Gnome libraries. The problem is that its python bindings are bundled with many other Gnome-specific bindings into the gnome-python-desktop package, which therefore depends on a large number of Gnome libs. This is the reason why I pulled out the wnck module and repackaged it as "Python-Wnck". So if you run TaskTray via zeroinstall, there is no Gnome stuff pulled in.

If you don't use zeroinstall, download the Python-Wnck package for i486 or amd64
and copy the file lib/python2.4/site-packages/gtk-2.0/ to some directory in your PYTHONPATH.

Or, compile gnome-python-desktop yourself - if no Gnome libs are present on your system, it will only compile the wnck module (provided you have the libwnck headers installed).

I tried running the updated

I tried running the updated version and got this error

ImportError: /home/mark/.cache/ undefined symbol: Py_InitModule4

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