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GNOME/KDE integration

Following on from the work to allow adding ROX applications to the Xfce panel, I've created Zero2Desktop. This adds a launcher for any Zero Install application to the GNOME or KDE Applications menu. To run it:

$ 0launch

This dialog appears:

Enter the URI

Enter the program's URI (or drag in the link):

Choose the category

The program is now on the menu:

The program appears on the menu

Of course, you can add Zero2Desktop to the menu by running it on itself.

Tip: for applications that support drag-and-drop (e.g. Archive) you can drag their entry from the menu onto the bar itself:

Enter the URI

Then you can drag directories to the Archive icon to create archives, etc.

0publish 0.2

Observing an actual Ubuntu user trying to use this with the default configuration, I realised that drag-and-drop is nearly impossible, since clicking in the Firefox window to start the drag brings the browser window in front of the target dialog!

I've released version 0.2, which sets the 'always-on-top' flag as a workaround (I think it's acceptable here, because this program is only for GNOME users, where this behaviour is the default).

The new version also uses the new 'category' field in feeds which provide it to give a sensible default category. This field is also now used to organise the web index.

You can set the category for your own programs using the new version of 0publish-gui.

Zero2Desktop -> 0desktop

Note that Zero2Desktop was replaced by the 0desktop command in Zero Install 0.34 and is no longer needed.

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