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Finding documentation

You can see the help files provided by any ROX application by bringing up a menu over its icon in a filer window (or panel) and choosing Help from the menu.
Try it now with Edit (Menu click on the pen icon on the panel). A filer window opens providing access to all the help files.

The Changes file lets you find out what features have been added in each new version, and the README provides more detailed information about Edit.
You can also open the help directory from within Edit, by clicking on the lifebelt icon (at the right end of the toolbar).
ROX-Filer also has a large amount of documentation. Click on the Help icon in the toolbar of any filer window to see it, or locate the ROX-Filer application in a filer window and use the menu as above.

"bringing up a menu over its icon" accomplished by clicking with mouse button 2.
In the case of a panel object, it goes as you wrote here. In the case of within a filer window, the relevant Help menu entry can be found in the "App dir '<whatever>'" sub-menu, since the Help entry in the first pop-up menu opens a sub-menu of help items relevant to the filer itself. A bit confusing, isn't it ?

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