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New hosting for ROX web-site has provided us with excellent service over the years considering the charge (free!), but it's often very slow to respond now (see this thread). Therefore, I'm experimenting with paid hosting. Please try it out and see what you think!

I've also taken the opportunity to upgrade to Drupal 5.2 (from 4.7). Most of the work was in migrating away from Flexinode (which we used to provide the custom fields for Software and Release types) to CCK. I also deleted several hundred spam accounts and spam pages. Sorry if I deleted any genuine accounts by accident... they all start to blur together after a while!

I know a few things still don't work:

  • Freelinking (e.g. "ROX-Filer" type links). We should probably get rid of them.
  • Links to icons and other static resources.
  • "Announce this release" links.
  • Other things I forgot - please add comments below!

We might want to buy a new domain too ( is just one I had lying around, though it works quite well). I also need to get some ads on here (sorry! but I need to try and cover the hosting costs!).

Like the site, accounts have to be created manually and comments have to be approved manually. Otherwise, the level of spam is unmanageable.

upgrade to 5.3

Recently drupal 5.3 was released which closew several security issues in drupal core. Upgrading is easy :) just don't overwrite your settings.php...


Done! Nearly there now...


The freelinking module is back. If you see links that look like [[Foo]], edit the page, change something (e.g. add a blank line at the end) and save. It should turn back into a link.

(only approved users can do this)

Re: Freelinking

Attempting to follow a freelink (e.g. from click on ROX-Filer) leads to a page reporting:

Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page.

Re: Freelinking

It's odder than I thought. At home, running linux and logged in as an administrator I get the "Access denied" page. At work, under win 2000 and not logged in I get the right page! Using Firefox in both cases.

Permissions problem

Looks like a simple permissions problem; should be fixed now!

Syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting support is back now. For existing nodes, it might be necessary to edit them, make a change (e.g. add a blank line at the end) and save to get it to apply it again.


Some comments don't end up listed in the "Recent comments" side bar. This may be the ones that need an admin to approve them, but I can't tell for sure.

Recent comments

Somehow, node_comment_statistics didn't contain an entry for every node. When you post a comment, it only updates existing rows, so for most nodes the comment was never recorded in the stats. This script fixed it:

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