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Video tutorials

I've been experimenting with making tutorial videos / screencasts:

These show ROX applications being run in a default Ubuntu configuration, using Zero Install.

Perhaps we should make some showing a full ROX desktop?


Yuck! Why Flash format?

Hosting video is expensive. Youtube is free and lets you embed the player in your own site. See also Video forums for free software on

Are there any Free players?

Yes, Gnash works (on Ubuntu/Hardy, at least).

What software did you use?

xvidcap for recording. Istanbul and RecordMyDesktop are other options, although they didn't work well for me, and they don't produce mpeg (needed for uploading to youtube).

Note: After upgrading to Ubuntu/Hardy beta I had a lot of problems with dropped frames (about 50% of them!). After much experimenting with scaling govenerors and the ionice command, the only solution that worked was to use sudo taskset -p 0x01 `pidof xvidcap` to force it to stay on a single processor.

Editing software?

Kdenlive looked good, but crashes every 30 seconds or so. In the end I used Avidemux, which only crashes while saving the final video. Create a project and save before rendering the final video!

No Subject

Perhaps we should make some showing a full ROX desktop?


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