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Clock 2.1.7 released

ClockA clock applet.
Version: 2.1.7

Added Zero Install injector feed.
Added i18n support.
Remove deprecated call.
Fix problem with drawing alarm symbol far too small when panel initializing.
Cast strings passed to/from libxml to avoid compiler warnings.

AppFactory 2.1.5 released

AppFactoryThis program automates the creation of ROX wrappers for non-ROX programs.
Version: 2.1.5

Added Zero Install injector feed.
Support for internationalization.

FreeFS 2.1.6 released

FreeFSMonitor free space on a file system
Version: 2.1.6

Removed some deprecated calls and some compiler warnings.

FreeFS 2.1.5 released

FreeFSMonitor free space on a file system
Version: 2.1.5

Added internationalization support.

ROX-CLib 2.1.8 released

ROX-CLibC library for ROX
Version: 2.1.8
  • Begun general error handling framework, now used by rox_soap and
  • Added extension area for GtkSavebox.
  • Direct support for Firefox when launching URI.
  • Marked many strings as translatable.
  • Framework for i18n now in place.
  • Added options --env and --pkg-config and made strings in pkg.c

ROX-Session 0.28 released

ROX-Sessiona simple session manager for the ROX Desktop.
Version: 0.28

The D-BUS API was too unstable; replaced it with XML-RPC-over-X. The D-BUS interface is still available if you have D-BUS 0.35 or later. The D-BUS daemon is now killed when you log out. Python 2.2 should be supported again. The OverflowError is fixed. This is another fairly experimental release; please help test it!


Federico has written a little Python script to help with profiling Nautilus. I've been wanting something like this for a while so I tried it on ROX-Filer. Turns out that with Zero Install's 0launch command (completely unoptimised Python) parsing a couple of XML files and searching for the best version, plus the filer's initialisation itself, it takes nearly two seconds to start the filer on my machine. Federico's script produced this plot:

System 1.9.1 released

Systemprocess and disk monitor
Version: 1.9.1

The application was rewritten in python and it now properly supports Linux 2.6 kernels and recent versions of libgtop.

A new option to display the task list in a flat view instead of the nested tree view was added.

UI options may now be saved (--options commandline parameter or Options... AppMenu)

AddApp 0.6 released

AddAppcreate ROX application launchers
Version: 0.6

Added support for local interfaces. Don't check for updates to programs when just viewing their help files. Don't produce a warning when using new-style interfaces without a 'main' attribute on the root. Strip the '.xml' extension, if any, when choosing the default name.

Tango Theme

the Tango icon theme (adapted for ROX)
Current stable version: 
Primary author(s): 
The Tango Team (I ain't takin' credit for this)

the Tango icon theme (adapted for ROX)

Current stable version:

Home page:

Primary author(s):
The Tango Team (I ain't takin' credit for this)

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