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A vi-like GUI text editor for programmers
Current testing version: 
Primary author(s): 
Tony Houghton

VideoThumbnail 0.1.14 released

VideoThumbnailProvides thumbnail images for video files.
Version: 0.1.14

Added interface to test and set handler for a type by dropping a sample file.

Memo 2.1 released

Memoalarm clock and reminder list
Version: 2.1

Added a system tray icon in 'standalone' (ie, non-applet) mode. Added stock icons to main window menu. Added 'early alert' and sound capabilities.

Archive 2.2 released

Archivecreate and unpack archive files (supported formats include zip, tar, gz and bz).
Version: 2.2

Support for the LZMA compression format was added. Rar archives are now extracted using the free "unrar" command. "file:" URLs are now accepted. Added a French translation and updated the Chinese one.

Who's talking to whom?

One way to understand how your system works is to look at which programs talk to other programs.
Here's a graph showing all the processes on my system and their sockets:

Graph of socket connections


show CPU load etc in bars on the panel
Primary author(s): 
Tony Houghton

Displays CPU, memory and swap usage and disk and network throughput as compact graphical bars on the panel. Currently Linux only but may be extended. Written in python.

ROX-Filer 2.8 released

ROX-Filerthe file manager at the core of the ROX desktop
Version: 2.8

Updated MIME icon naming to latest scheme. This should make GNOME themes work better with ROX-Filer, for example. Added a work-around for a panel placement problem with Compiz-fusion 0.7.4. Support the "Path" key in .desktop files. Updated Vietnamese, Russian, Italian and French translations. Some bugs were fixed.

Thumbs 0.1.4 released

Thumbssimple thumbnail manager
Version: 0.1.4

Changed some deprecated code.
Use tasks module from ROX-Lib.
Added management of thumbnail handlers.

Fetch 0.3.3 released

FetchThis program acts as a download handler for ROX-Filer.
Version: 0.3.3

Recognize application/octet-stream as a type servers return for an unknown
Better description of types.
Setting type when server disagrees now an option.
Moved option handling into
Re-enable the use of bytes_ready() to avoid blocking.
Added extra buttons, which change.
Support version 2 of the DownloadManager protocol.
Added a password editing window.
More readable formatting of byte sizes.
Catch more exceptions.
Now using rox.tasks module.
Change suffix from .fetching to .part (same as Firefox).

DownloadManager 0.1.4 released

DownloadManagerdownload manager for Fetch, limiting the number of simultaneous downloads
Version: 0.1.4

Add version 2 of the protocol.
Avoid KeyError when a client cancels before registering.
Update client to use dbus.set_default_main_loop.

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