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FreeFS 2.1.8 released

FreeFSMonitor free space on a file system
Version: 2.1.8

May need to link against libintl.
Option for applet to show available size (Janek Kozicki).
Tooltip for applet now shows a summary.

Video tutorials

I've been experimenting with making tutorial videos / screencasts:


Control screensaver settings with ROX-Session
Current stable version: 
Primary author(s): 
Tony Houghton

Controls whether you want ROX-Session to manage basic screensasver settings and configures the settings if you do.


Edits XDG autostart entries
Current testing version: 
Primary author(s): 
Tony Houghton

This was formerly known as AutoStart but had its name changed to avoid confusion with Lars Hansson's Autostart. This version is written in C and has a few more features than Autostart, eg being able to add entries and configure whether they start in ROX or other environments.

Using XDGStart is highly recommended with the new version of ROX-Session (>= 0.40.0).

ROX-Session 0.40.0 released

ROX-Sessiona simple session manager for the ROX Desktop.
Version: 0.40.0

While ROX-Session was rewritten in python, mainly to overcome problems with DBUS, the original C version was kept maintained and improved in svn. Eventually DBUS' API stabilised.

The C branch is now considered more stable, functional and actively developed than the python branch so it has been re-released, arbitrarily as version 0.40.0.

There are still some loose ends to tidy up ie translations and 0install feeds, but English-speaking users installing from source tarballs should consider upgrading now.

AlgoScore 080408 released

AlgoScoreInteractive graphical score for algorithmic composition
Version: 080408

First announce on


Interactive graphical score for algorithmic composition
Primary author(s): 
Jonatan Liljedahl

AlgoScore is a graphical environment for algorithmic composition, where music is constructed directly in an interactive graphical score. The result is output as Audio (through CSound) or MIDI. The generated audio can be played back through JACK or exported to an audiofile.

Graphical objects are placed in a timeline and connected together. Some objects are fully dependent on user data, while some are generative and reacts on input from other objects.

AddApp 0.8 released

AddAppcreate ROX application launchers
Version: 0.8

Use --offline mode when saving so that we don't need to have the very latest version installed to create a wrapper. Use Python's OptParse module to handle options (Thomas Leonard). Added --no-download option, if you don't need to fetch the latest version. If a second argument is given, write the appdir there without showing a savebox. After displaying an error box, return with a non-zero exit code.

"The scarily-named Injector"

The Zero Install Injector is named after the concept of "dependency injection". In this post, I'll try to explain what this means and why we use it.

DevTray 0.3.3 released

DevTrayshows devices in the panel
Version: 0.3.3

- Fix error when pycups not installed. (Jim Ramsay)
- When a DevIcon is destroyed, remove it from its class's list of icons.
- Ignore AttributeError if the options change for a handler with no DevIcons.
- Restructured options dialog.

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