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Volume 009 released

Volumea Volume control Panel Applet and Mixer Application
Version: 009

* Use current theme for panel icon if present.
* Update panel icon to show volume level
* Add private volume-level icons from GnomeSVG theme
* Update tooltip to show current volume level

ROX-All 0.8 released

ROX-Alla single archive containing launchers for most of the ROX applications
Version: 0.8

Added some missing icons and updated to the new interface URI for MiniClock. Updated the menu for DeviceHandler to include some new items, and removed the old Media application it replaces.

ROX-All 0.7 released

ROX-Alla single archive containing launchers for most of the ROX applications
Version: 0.7

Added Media, MiniClock, Tasklist, TaskTray and Weather applets. Added XPlanet (for setting the wallpaper). Updated 0launch versions for Debian, SuSE and Ubuntu to the latest 0.21 release. Updated Fedora instructions to use the Extras repository instead of including the RPM in the package.

GNOME finds save usability problems

Prolific GNOME profiler Federico has been profiling GNOME usability. The results? Saving is a big usability problem. The list of problems sounds almost identical to the motivation for the ROX saving system, itself based on RISC OS. RISC OS users never save files without knowing where, because they have to drag them where they want them.

Imagine a new office worker who tries to file an important document by dropping it on the floor. Pretty quickly, someone will yell at them to learn the office filing system. ROX does the same. Here's what happens if you just enter a name for a new file and press Return in ROX:

ROX-Filer 2.5 released

ROX-Filerthe file manager at the core of the ROX desktop
Version: 2.5

Panel and pinboard icons can locked to prevent accidental deletion. Applications can use stock icons for their menu actions when extending the filer's menu. File icons can be set and unset through the SOAP API. An alternative for the mount command can be specified (allowing support for pmount). A new Manage Thumbnails button in the options box makes it easier to purge old images from the cache. Various minor bugs were fixed. Ukrainian and Vietnamese translations were added.

XPlanet 0.0.1 released

XPlanetpinboard backdrop application
Version: 0.0.1

This wraps the xplanet command to make an alternative to the Wallpaper application.

It is a replacement for the script I posted previously to adapt xplanet for Wallpaper.

ROX-Lib 2.0.3 released

ROX-Libcontains shared code used by other ROX applications
Version: 2.0.3

Changes since 2.0.2:


- Added ROX-Lib.xml file, which makes it easy to register a CVS copy of ROX-Lib with the 0launch, using '0launch --add-feed' (Thomas Leonard).

- If pygtk is found, but not gtk, give a better error (Thomas Leonard; reported by Albert).

- Double-click on a line in the stacktrace display of the debug box to
open the source code in Edit.

- Added rox.isappdir() function to test the validity of an AppDir (Stephen Watson).

- Set sys.excepthook to our graphical exception explorer so that untrapped exceptions are reported nicely.

- Don't display KeyboardInterrupt in an error box.

- Added unittests.
Support Python 2.2.

- When displaying an uncaught exception, still write it to stderr as well as opening the exception dialog box.


- Made message in AppRun translatable (Andras Mohari).

- Include AppRun when generating translations, and rename translation function in OptionsBox to avoid confusing pygettext (reported by Andras Mohari).

- Added Hungarian translation.

- More strings marked for translation.

Current translations:

de Guido Schimmels
es Juan Carlos Jimenez Garcia
fr Vincent Lefèvre
hu Andras Mohari
it Yuri Bongiorno
pl Bart Kreska
pt_BR * Jose Carlos do Nascimento
zh_CN * cheungsiufai
zh_TW * cheungsiufai

* indicates a translation which is out-of-date.


- Added method for applets to determine the panel orientation (Stephen Watson).


- Made use 0launch if available (Thomas Leonard; requested by
Christopher Arndt).

launch: NEW

- Added launch module, which allows running programs easily using the injector, and made use 0launch if available (Thomas Leonard; requested by Christopher Arndt).


- Changed the doc string in to prefer the new MenuItem based method of defining menus not the old tuple method (Stephen Watson).


- Added mime.get_type_handler(), which uses the same algorithm as ROX-Filer to find the handler for a file (Ken Hayber and Thomas Leonard).


- EXPERIMENTAL code for installing MIME handlers via 0launch (Stephen Watson)

- Better detection of the MIME-types/MIME-thumb location when installing type handlers (Stephen Watson).

- Improve installation of MIME type handler under Zero Install (Stephen Watson)

- Bugfix: spurious argument when installing SendTo handler under Zero Install (Stephen Watson, reported by Andras Mohari)


- Rename translation function in OptionsBox to avoid confusing pygettext.

- Make the options box use ComboBox instead of OptionMenu whenever possible. It also makes sure that the OptionMenu's initial width is large enough to display the widest item (Andras Mohari).


- When saving a file to a FAT filesystem, the chmod would fail. Log a warning instead of aborting (Thomas Leonard; reported by QS Computing).

- Save box now selects icon from same icon theme as ROX-Filer (Stephen Watson).

session: NEW

- Added rox.session module for communicating with ROX-Session.

- Use XMLRPC if the DBUS version is too old.

- Check that ROX-Session is providing the dbus service, don't just assume that it is (Stephen Watson).

settings: NEW

- Added settings module (Tony Houghton, based on code from LookAndFeel).

- Don't create bus object until constructor is called.

- rox.settings now uses rox.session to communicate with ROX-Session and the duplicate Options work has been removed from rox.session (Stephen Watson).


- If 'xterm' isn't available, give a sensible error message when using the su module (Thomas Leonard; reported by Vincent Lefevre).

xxmlrpc: NEW

- Added 'xxmlrpc' module. This allows sending XML-RPC messages to other processes, via the X server.

- Extended XML-RPC code to return response values and faults to caller.

- Better error codes (NoSuchService, UnknownObject, NoSuchMethod). Cope with returning None (returns True instead). Simplified API (no need to subclass ExportedObject, call register, or use invoke).

- If a service property exists but the window it points to doesn't, then report that the service is no longer running.

- XXMLRPC call objects support the Blocker interface (so you can block
until the reply is available).

- If an XXMLRPC Call object is destroyed before the response is read then display a warning and destroy the IPC window.

Archive 2.1 released

Archivecreate and unpack archive files (supported formats include zip, tar, gz and bz).
Version: 2.1

A Hungarian translation was added. The Spanish translation was updated. An accelerator for the Delete checkbox was added.

Compiling with SCons and GTK

SCons is a rather nice build system written in Python. It compiles many languages, including C and Java. But the problem is that not many people have it, and making your code unnecessarily hard to compile by depending on an uncommon build system is not a good idea. In this article I'll show how you can get your build scripts to automatically download (and cache) SCons as part of the build process...

0.3 released

Version: 0.3

- Now restore the desktop shortcut if the trashed item has one.
- Check if you own the item, if not, a warning message is displayed.
- The status .DirIcon of the trashcan now is linked, not copied.

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