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DevTray 0.2 released

DevTrayshows devices in the panel
Version: 0.2

- Use 'image-<module_name>' for images in Options.xml. (suggested by Konstantin Korikov)
- Russian i18n. (Konstantin Korikov)
- Connect to hal signals via connect_to_signal() on device interfaces.
- Spring-open volumes if no windows open.
- Use xid instead of name to determine if a window is the properties window.
- Use private methods for signal handlers.
- Restructured the code.
- Fixed bug: Don't call click() when pointer outside the icon.
- Make arrow for main menu optional. (suggested by Rüdiger Otte)
- Show name of '/' in menu.
- Add subdirectories of '/' to its menu.
- Don't forget to connect to the 'name-changed' signal of already open windows.
- Stop signal handlers after removing an item.
- Faster destruction when quitting.
- Use python-cups to add/enable/disable/remove printer.
- Indicate mount-state by green light in the top left corner (like ROX-Filer).
- Option to show all workspaces.
- Shrink icon when only window is minimized.
- Update label when 'volume.label' property has changed.
- Support for windows autorun.inf files.
- "Run" menu item for volumes with autostart or autoopen file.
- At startup, remove volumes from pinboard that don't exist anymore.
- Option to show all or only removable volumes.
- Separated autostart option from automount option.
- Make updating of volume optional, to save battery power. (reported by Thomas Leonard)
- Removed albumart dependency by copying its amazon module.

Launch 0.3.2 released

LaunchThis provides facilities for launching URLs.
Version: 0.3.2

Fixed bug setting handler when existing handler is a
broken link, reported by Dennis Tomas.

TaskTray 0.5.3 released

TaskTrayshows open windows as icons in a growing widget
Version: 0.5.3

- Cope with windows that stay active even if minimized.
- Make arrow for main menu optional. (suggested by Rüdiger Otte)
- Make arrow on icons optional. (suggested by Will)
- Menu entry to close subdirectories of filer windows.
- Removed move_others option, because it does not work with arrows.
- Changed default options to not include separators.
- If no .DirIcon is present in ~, use 'user-home' icon.
- Fixed bug: Don't add app options to a cached menu.
- Fixed bug: Show app options even if there's only one window.

ROX-All 1.2 released

ROX-Alla single archive containing launchers for most of the ROX applications
Version: 1.2

Added Dennis Tomas's DevTray. Updated FooBillard's URI (it moved). Added the Appearance configlet and a few other programs. Updated the Zero Install packages to the latest versions.

ROX-MAME 1.1 released

Version: 1.1

- Don't use Choices system for saving menu shortcuts.

Beluga 1.1 released

BelugaWireless network manager
Version: 1.1

- Don't use Choices system for saving menu shortcuts.

Autostart 1.1 released autostart manager
Version: 1.1

- Don't use Choices system for saving menu shortcuts.
- Attach popup menu to window.

ROX-Samba 0.0.2 released

ROX-Sambabrowse Samba networks via FUSE
Version: 0.0.2

Fix bug parsing smb:// URIs (reported by Markus Kiefer)

Autostart 1.0 released autostart manager
Version: 1.0

First release.

Beluga 1.0 released

BelugaWireless network manager
Version: 1.0

First release.

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