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The best place to get help is on the mailing lists. You can also search this web site, using the search box on the right of each page. If you want to report a bug, please read the bug reporting instructions.


You can also talk with other ROX users on Internet Relay Chat.

Vietnamese Translation for ROX-Filer.

i translated from English into Vietnamese ,where i can upload file translation?

Submitting translations

The patch tracker is a good place, though you'll need to register as user if you're not already registered.

Or, you can upload it anywhere else you have access to and post the link on the rox-devel mailing list.

ok thank, i did it

ok thank, i did it

Rename window too small

the rename window is too small.
working with long filenames
-> always must resize the window

maybe its good when the entire filename which is to be renamed
fits into the window

Or have in-place rename. Why

Or have in-place rename. Why is a rename dialog box required?

Directory missing or deleted

If the directory is missing or deleted, go to the nearest existing parent, instead of just removing the filer window entirely and forcing a re-invocation and re-navigation.

Good idea

Good idea


Can I add "... unless that directory is already open."

As an option

I like the way the window is closed when the folder is deleted.

A Calendar App For ROX

Are there any in the pipeline?

Locking down ROX-Filer

I'm trying to set up a vaguely 'secure' system for use with a cadet organisation.

The Options.xml provides a good way to remove certain items (although I guess I shouldn't as there seems to be a few background complaints), but there doesn't seem to be a file dictating what goes into the right click menu.

This would be pretty useful for allowing people to cut out any stuff they don't use, and for people like me trying to make secure a system for cadet/school use.

Getting *nix in schools is certainly a step forwards.

Reorder items in the panel

It seems the ROX panel is a FIFO queue. I mean it can not auto reorder things in the panel. For example, now I have A B D E in the panel, then I want to insert a new item, say C, before D. How? I have to first move D E to the desktop (the effect in fact is as `copy', not `move' thus the second step is to remove D E in the panel), then drag-n-drop C to the panel, after that move D E to the panel following C (again actually `copy'). Done! That's really annoying. Hope it will support the feature in the future.

You could edit the panel

You could edit the panel file in the home/yourname/.config/ folder.

The panel


The panel should be displayed in a window without a title bar. If this does not work then see the window manager notes for some ideas. You can drag files onto either side of the panel to add them. Panel icons can be repositioned by dragging them with the middle mouse button. Changes to the panel are automatically saved to `~/.config/'. As with the pinboard, you can switch between panel configurations simply by running rox again with a different panel name.

Aha, thanks for the hint. :)

Aha, thanks for the hint. :)

You're welcome. I didn't

You're welcome.

I didn't know about it until I looked in the manual ;)

Disable right click or modify right-click menu options

Is there a way to disable the right-click or limit (control) the options listed in the right-click menu?
I would like to setup a Kiosk like environment for specific users of the PC.

Thank you

Changing filemanager, bet keeping desktop

Anyone know how to change the default file manager to something else while keeping the rox desktop. Eg. click on the home folder, on the desktop, and use pcmanfm. thank

Right-click menu control

Hi, this took me quite a while to figure out and I couldn't find anything on the internet about it, so I'm posting it.

To control what goes into the desktop right-click menu, you can configure Rox to pass right-clicks to the window manager:

ROX-Filer -> Options -> Compatibility

Check "Pass all backdrop mouse clicks to window manager"

Right clicks will now invoke the right click menu of the window manager, e.g, IceWm, which is configurable. Note that right-clicking on Rox desktop icons still invokes the Rox Filer right click menu.

Questions from a newbie


I give a try to rox desktop and I like it.
But as a new user, I have thousand question :-)
Is there a forum somewhere dedicated to Rox ?
(where I can search to not ask always the same questions)

Of course, as every newbie, I install and try first and then start to read the documentation after :-/
so I am not completely satisfy of the way I have installed all the stuff:
How can I uninstall Rox ?

Some application in Rox-All, aren't available any more, like "Menu" by example. Apparently, the dev move his repository to Google-code but the 0install script don't follow.
So now I can download an archive (.tgz), but want should I do with it ?

Ok, I stop asking now otherwise I will fill 2 pages :-)

Thanks in advance for your help


You should be able to unpack

You should be able to unpack any .tgz archive and click on the program inside to run it.

How you uninstall depends on how you installed in the first place...

Suggestions to improve usability


first of all, I want to thank the rox-filer team for this great piece of Software I've been using for years now and which I think is the best light-weight file manager on Linux.

Anyways, anything good can always be improved, so I've got to make a few suggestions concerning the user interface.

* With list view and the 'file menu on right-click' option enabled, which I suppose is quite common, you will need to hit a thin line between files to get the general menu. Making it generally available in columns other than 'name' or just reverse normal behavior and make the general menu a submenu of the file menu would make this a lot easier.

* If you unmount a device through a symlink (e.g. items linked to home dir from Debian's /media), rox-filer will first change directories to the original mount point where you will have to unmount again.

* As far as I can tell, choosing to hide single columns in list view is not possible, resulting in lots of unnecessary data on screen.

* When configuring the file menu, I can't find an option to disable the announcment box telling you what to do.

Minor issues, I know, but also minor changes in code (I suppose), so I would be happy if those could be implemented. Think of it this way: I can't think of any more drastic issues.


ROX download

I've been trying to find where the download is for your program but I simply can't find it. Also I wanted to get a User Login too but it keeps saying I don't.


Try ROX-All (from the "software") link in the side-bar.

You have to ask for a login on the mailing list (sorry; spammers kept signing themselves up).

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