Errors while running

"Failed to create symlink" and no icons

I get an error message "Failed to create symlink" and my file icons are all question marks

ROX-Filer is having trouble with the icon theme. Try choosing another one.

If you have not set a theme then it cannot locate the default theme. Try removing the link ~/.icons/ROX, e.g.

$ mv ~/.icons/ROX ~/.icons/ROX.broken
$ rox -n

Errors when copying to Windows partitions

What are these errors I get when copying to Windows partitions?

The filer tries to preserve file permissions when copying files, but some filesystems don't support them and you may get an error from the 'cp' command (although not all systems are affected). The 'quiet' mount option can be used in /etc/fstab to stop the message being displayed.

Green error messages keep appearing!

See Stop the green error messages from appearing.

Panels appear with window decorations or don't stay visible

The panel appears with window decorations or doesn't stay visible

Some older window managers don't support features needed by the panel. However, you can turn on the 'Override window manager' option in the Compatibility section of the Options box.

ROX-Filer shows red Xs for the toolbar icons

When I log out and log back in again, the filer shows red Xs for the toolbar icons and other things don't work well

The filer needs to be run using the 'rox' shell script, not by running the ROX-Filer binary directly. Some systems try to implement a primitive form of session management (without using XSMP, which the filer supports) and fail to restart it correctly.

gnome-terminal starts in the wrong directory

I use gnome-terminal, but ROX-Filer won't start it in the right directory

This is a gnome-terminal bug. You need to run gnome-terminal with the --disable-factory option, otherwise it starts in the same directory which the existing gnome-terminal process started in.