The official Gentoo repository now has ROX-Filer 2.6, ROX-Lib-2.0.3, and ROX-Clib-2.1.9, and a large number of your favourite applications.

Using emerge

To install ROX under Gentoo, a simple

$ emerge rox

should do as a start. This will get you ROX-Filer. Other applications and applets sold separately, some assembly required.

Gentoo has two groupings of ROX ebuilds 'rox-base' and 'rox-extra'. Most of these ebuilds are still marked as experimental (~x86 ~ppc ~amd64), but are slowly becoming stabilized. Also, there is no meta-ebuild to install an entire ROX-Desktop yet, but this is planned for the not-too-distant future.

For the status of all ROX-Desktop software for Gentoo, see the new "Rox Desktop for Gentoo" project page.

If you have any problems with the Gentoo rox ebuilds, please report problems to the Gentoo Bugzilla.

After installing, you might like to read the The ROX Guidebook.

Using 0Install

There hasn't been a lot of testing done yet on combining 0Install and Gentoo yet, so if you are looking for a know-to-be-good system, either use Gentoo ebuilds or 0Install, not both.

This will be smoothed out in the near future, hopefully increasing the interoperability between these 2 systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get rox working as my desktop environment?
A. Use ROX-Session, or, alternately, place this

rox -p Default -b Default

in ~/.xinitrc or ~/.xsession (depending on whether you're using xdm or
startx to get X started). Although, depending on which window manager
you are using, your wm might need some tweaking to get it to behave
nicely with ROX-Filer.

Q. How can I contact the Gentoo rox package maintainer(s)?
A. Depends on why you want to contact us:

Q. Why isn't application X in portage?
A. You can request new packages in the Gentoo Bugzilla. When doing so, make sure to mention:

  • That it is a request for a 'rox' application
  • The name of the software you want added, and a link to where it can be found
  • To aid in the process, submit an ebuild that you have already tested in your local overlay.