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contains shared code used by other ROX applications
Current stable version: 
Current testing version: 
Primary author(s): 
Thomas Leonard and Stephen Watson

ROX-Lib contains shared code which can be used by other ROX applications. It does not require root access to install, and does not need to be compiled (it's all python).




AddApp users

If you install a program that needs ROX-Lib using Add App, then ROX-Lib will be downloaded automatically. To upgrade, right click over the program
and choose Versions... from the menu. Then click on Refresh all now.

Note: Putting the Add App-created ROX-Lib launcher in ~/lib for older programs (which are not available using Add App) won't work. Instead, copy some particular version of ROX-Lib from the cache to ~/lib for old software.

Normal Installation

rox-lib-2.0.4.tgz [ Mirrors, GPG sig ]
Extract the `rox-lib' archive and drag it into one of the following directories:

  • ~/lib (create 'lib' in your home directory first if needed)
  • /usr/local/lib
  • /usr/lib

PyGTK problems

See the PyGTK hints page for help.

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