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notification area applet
Current stable version: 
Primary author(s): 
Andy Hanton, Stephen Watson

SystemTrayN is an applet that shows the status of various applications on a computer. It is compatible with the notification area spec so it can be used with programs compatible with either gnome 2.2 or future versions of KDE. .

To use it, just drag it to your panel. Icons in the system tray can display important messages in a small window near the tray. Click on the window to acknowledge the message.

This is an updated version of Andy Hanton's SystemTray application and it is now available via the ZeroInstall injector.

how to remove or shorten vertical bar

When I drag SystemTrayN to my panel, it grows a little because the tray applet has a vertical bar that is longer than my panel is high. I think it is some sort of separation bar...

Is there a way to either remove this vertical bar, or can I somehow make it shorter?

Vetical bar

It's a GtkVSeparator (or a GtkHSeparator for a vertical panel) and that is its default size. It's not a good idea to remove it because then the applet has a tendecy to reduce to zero size when there are no icons and you can't get at it anymore for the menu. It should be possible to reduce the size using gtk_widget_set_size_request().

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Any chance of this in a future release?

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