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Naming the new site

The new website is nearly ready, but there's one big decision left to make... what shall we call it?

Having 'drupal' in the URLs is a bit silly, as all the URLs will break if we later move to something else (already made that mistake with phpwiki ;-)

Moving it to the top-level could work (e.g., but there's quite a lot of junk there already which we probably don't want to move in case people are linking to it (we still had rox_filer.php3 linking to the newer rox_filer.html, which redirects to the even-newer phpwiki, which will shortly redirect to drupal... we've been very good at keeping old links valid so far!)

Another option is to use the year, giving e.g. This is how we namespace Zero Install interfaces. Essentially, this address means "What meant by the term 'Edit' in the year 2006". Maybe in 2020 we'll have moved to and the people with our old domain name will be making a video editor called Edit. With the year in the name, dependencies on the old Edit can continue to work.

Using the year works very well for news articles and other things that don't change, but it tends to confuse people (who perhaps think in 2007 that the site hasn't been updated since 2005). And it's not quite clear where new interfaces go. The next version of Edit will still be listed in 2005/interfaces/Edit, because it's still the same list object, just with another item. However, a new program could either go in 2006/interfaces/NewProg (it's a concept created in 2006) or in 2005/interfaces/NewProg (it's another program provided by ROX... the meaning of 'interfaces' is the one from 2005). The advantage there is that people can find all the interfaces in one place. Putting new programs under 2006 makes most sense to me, though; drupal makes it easy for us to list them all whereever they are.

So, for the web-site we have a few options:

  1. Stay with 'drupal':'.
  2. Pick another word: ''
  3. Move to the top-level and lose the old links (rox_filer.php3, etc)

Anyone have a preference?

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