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process and disk monitor
Current stable version: 
Primary author(s): 
Thomas Leonard

2009-09-13: This program is no longer maintained. There are many other system monitoring tools out there (e.g. gnome-system-monitor) - I'm sure you can find something to suit you.

A simplified gtop which shows processes and mounted filesystems as bar charts.


  • Displays Shared/Unshared/Swapped memory for each process.
  • State indicator beside each process shows current state (running, sleeping, etc).
  • Popup menu allows processes to be paused, resumed and killed.
  • Displays Reserved/Used/Free space for each filesystem.


In order to use System, you will need:

  • GTK+ 2.0.0 (or later) (
  • The libgtop2 library. (note: newer versions of libgtop are supported starting with version 1.9.1)

For version 1.9.1 and later:

  • Python 2.2
  • ROX-Lib2 2.0.0
  • the ctypes python module

Having ROX-Filer will make things slightly easier, but you can use it without.

Extract the archive (eg, by dragging it to Archive) and click on System in a ROX-Filer window (if you don't have an application-directory-aware filer then go into the System directory and run AppRun manually).

SVN snapshots

Daily snapshots of the latest CVS version are available from the snapshots dir:

Incorrect display on Linux 2.6.x series

See this thread. (or try the new 1.9.1 version)

System problems

From bug 950764 (copied here as not everyone reads the bug tracker):

"It works fine with libgtop-2.12.2 and both ctypes-0.6.3 and ctypes-0.9.6.

It does not work, however, with libgtop-2.12.2 and ctypes-, and with the just released libgtop-2.14.0 and any of the ctypes versions I tried."

The ctypes issue

The ctypes issue should be fixed in SVN now. The previous called cdll.LoadLibrary('library name'). But the documentation said that CDLL('library name') was preferred. Works here at least.


When I try to run System I get "OSError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

I'm not a techy (just curious as to what my machine is up to) but I assume I have the wrong version of libgtop, however the link above leads to a "Getting Started on GNOME" page and I can't spot libgtop on it.

Where am I getting lost?

System Set Up

Mine looks nothing like the screenshot above.


SVN Version Works Better

Than the current stable version.


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