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a panel applet that shows a list of currently open applications
Current stable version: 
Primary author(s): 
Rahsheen Porter

The tasklist is a panel applet that shows a list of currently open applications. You can use it to see what windows are open, bring one to the front, modify a few window properties, and move a window to another desktop.

The tasklist will only work if your window manager supports the Extended Window Manager Hints standard, defined at Different window managers have different levels of support for this, so if it doesn't work, it's probably a problem with the window manager rather than with the tasklist.


The Tasklist applet requires GNOME's httplibwnck library, version 2.2.0 or later.

  1. Download the archive from httphere
  2. Extract it (eg, by dragging it to Archive)
  3. Drag it to the blank area in the middle of a ROX-Filer panel.
  4. The documentation is in the Tasklist/Help directory.

Comments and Commentary

Changing the Grouping option doesn't do anything!

In previous versions, changing this option only takes effect when the application is restarted. This has been fixed.

Two problems

1) This still wants to put its settings into ~/Choices, but doesn't create that directory, so you can't currently save any options.

2) The contents of the tarball should be renamed. Rather than Tasklist-0.5.tgz unpacking to 'Tasklist-0.5', it should unpack to 'Tasklist'


Tasklist will only work on ArchLinux if libwnck is preinstalled, so is it really necessary to download the libwnck via zero injector? The libwnck is also outdated by the way. Maybe someone could update the zeroinsall URL or tasklist all together for that matter.

cannot reach server

Well, sounds nice. The only thing is that the server seems to be down :(

Tasklist links

Both the download and the feeds links were broken. I added the missing '.xml' to the feed so you should be able to get it that way.

Tasklist: error while loading shared libraries:

[path]/Tasklist: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file
or directory

I do not know why it happens, but it happens even if libwnck is downloaded from the feeds.

The old version of libwnck that is required isn't available in my repos.

Tasklist: error while loading shared libraries:

Forgot to say:
Having me symlink the new version to the old name does work, but it isn't 0install-ish, especially since it does download a version of libwnck for that package.

Tasklib / libwnck

Tasklib's feed does:

<environment insert="usr/lib" name="LD_LIBRARY_PATH"/>

but I think it should be lib, not usr/lib (which doesn't exist).

(If you want to test that, download, edit it as above, and drag your edited file to AddApp. You won't get automatic updates to Tasklist this way, of course, but it will let you see if that's the problem.)

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