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Provides thumbnail images for video files.
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Current testing version: 
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Stephen Watson

This is a helper program for ROX-Filer. It provides images for video files.

Note: you need at least version 2.1.1 of ROX-Filer and 2.0.4 of ROX-Lib2

To set it up install it to a suitable place, such as ~/Apps, then run it normally. You should get the options window. Click on Install handlers and then OK on the list window that appears.

Matroska thumbnails dont work

Options > Thumbnails > Video thumbnails > Install type handlers

has an handler for "application/x-matroska"

All my .mkv files however has the following mimetype "video/x-matroska".

How do I change the broken entry or add a new entry to make thumbnailing of .mkv files actually work?

TIA :)


After some googling and guesswork I figured out how to solve my problem

1) As root, edit AppInfo.xml for Video Thumbnails by adding the bold line

    <MimeType type="application/x-matroska"/>
    <MimeType type="video/x-matroska"/>

I found the file to be edited in the following location:

2) Go to Options > Thumbnails > Video thumbnails > Install type handlers
3) Tick the box in the install column for the new entry "video/x-matroska" and then OK
4) Restart Rox file manager

.mkv files should now be thumbnailed correctly. Preferably though "video/x-matroska" should probably be a default entry in this program. :)

Re: matroska

The next version of VideoThumbnail should have a way of testing arbitrary file types and installing as their handlers. Once I finish it.

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