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0compile GUI

I've been doing some work on the GUI for 0compile, used to build programs from source. Here are some screen-shots showing how we can download and compile ROX-CLib.

In the properties for Stephen's ROX-CLib's interface, the Compile button is now available:

We have the option to compile...

We'll need the source code, plus GTK, Pango and GLib header files (and ATK?). We are prompted to choose the versions to be used:

Choose the source release version

The chosen versions are downloaded from the appropriate sites:

Download the source code

The 0compile GUI appears, with some instructions:

Welcome to 0compile!

Clicking on the Build button compiles the downloaded source code:

The build finishes

Finally, we can either register the new build (so that the new version appears in the list of available versions for ROX-Clib, alongside the official builds), or publish it. Publishing it requires us to say where we'll put it:

Publish the binary

The result of this is a rox-clib-src-2.1.9-pre2.tar.bz2, which we can upload to an FTP server. The ROX-CLib-src-2.1.9-pre2.xml file contains the appropriate information to cut-and-paste into Stephen's main ROX-CLib XML feed, or I can sign the feed and publish it myself.

Build failure notification

And now (with version 0.8), you get the chance to report build failures with a single button click:

Build failed

This submits a new bug report to this bug tracker (in future, I'll let authors specify the bug tracker to use in their interface files).

Hopefully, the submitted log will contain enough information to see what the problem is, and which versions and systems are affected.

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