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create self-contained bundles from a Zero Install feed
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Thomas Leonard

Note: normally, you would use AddApp rather than Zero2Bundle. AddApp creates small launchers, which will download the application if required and store it in the cache. The launchers will automatically check for updates, run the correct binary for different platforms, and share libraries. Zero2Bundle, by contrast, copies the program and all required libraries into the created directory. This is useful if the target machine doesn't have a network connection, for example.

As with AddApp, you can use any Zero Install feed, not just ROX software. In fact, it's less useful with ROX programs, because they're supplied as application directories anyway!

See also: 0export, which provides similar functionality for GNOME and KDE users.

Klik like

Cool, how is the application bundle then executed? Klik using loop mounting....


It's a ROX application directory (much like the ones Klik produces if you configure it that way). I'm sure you could turn it into a disk image file easily if you wanted to, though.

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