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a Volume control Panel Applet and Mixer Application
Current stable version: 
Primary author(s): 
Ken Hayber

Volume is a Panel Applet that puts a popup volume control in your panel. It also functions as a Mixer application. The latest version(s) support ALSA natively. (for OSS and Alsa-OSS compatibility please use version 007 or older)

It is also a Mixer application that allows you to change the level and balance of the individual channels that your sound card supports.

This applet is utterly broken.

It is broken, the recent ALSA API changed and this no longer functions. Its python bindings appear to have been upgraded, but it needs work to be functional again.

It's Working For Me.............................................

What are your mixer device and mixer channel settings?

Fixed in git repo

I assume you're using the beta version 0.4 of alsaaudio?

It seems they changed the card selector from a string to an int. I just pushed a fix to the git repo. You can download a snapshot via the web interface if you don't have git.

It might be nice in the future to use the new cards() api call to show the list of device names in a menu instead of the current text entry.

P.S. I don't really work on/use this stuff anymore. I was just bored tonight. So someone else will have to make an official release.


Next time you're bored would you mind transferring the rox apps icon set to someone else?

Thanks :)


Hosted on sourceforge now.

Thanks Ken


Volume maintenance

I patched the same problem in DevTray recently, but I'm working on replacing DevTray which means I'm interested in Volume again. If there are maintenance issues with Volume it might be a good idea to do a "lite" version which just has the simple volume control and loads alsamixer-gui and/or pavucontrol for the more complicated stuff.

What's Wrong With Volume?

Works well enough for me.

Though you could put a drop down master volume slider in devtray.

Looks like someone listened


I installed the new version of DevTray yesterday and, lo and behold, it has a master volume slider

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