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An Applet to Check IMAP, POP and MBOX accounts for new mail
Current stable version: 
Primary author(s): 
Ken Hayber

An applet that checks multiple accounts for mail. Uses the notification daemon for popup messages if available.

It will launch your email client application if you click on it.
If a folder is empty it is not listed.
If any folder has unseen mail, the icon changes.
It will optionally play a sound when new mail arrives.

IMAP/TLS-SSL not working - Debug Message

I'm trying to use this to work over TLS/SSL for IMAP and it doesn't work. Perhaps an option to setup debug message would be useful... like running the checker in the command line.

Not supported?

Python ImapLib does not support TLS. It only supports plain SSL.

Postal: SSL account works but account properties disappear

Postal checks my SSL account but the account properties disappear every time Postal is restarted (i.e. when logging out from X or at shutdown/reboot). When running Postal the next time, the account info just says "localhost". So I have to re-fill the account properties each session. This does not happen to my other accounts, which do not require SSL.

Any ideas how to solve this?


I finally figured this out. I was saving the Port number as a float and then trying to read it as an int. I'll try to release a new version soon. The fixed version is in my git repo if you are impatient.

Re: Fixed!

Sounds good! No problem to wait for the new release. Postal is a great applet btw, thanks

saving the Port number as a float

When upgrading to 4.00 you need to edit the .ini text file to correct the wrongly saved float, edit ~/.config/ and correct the Port field.

Login Error

My Gmail account notifications options keep getting deleted.

I'm using Pop through SSL

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