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Interactive graphical score for algorithmic composition
Primary author(s): 
Jonatan Liljedahl

AlgoScore is a graphical environment for algorithmic composition, where music is constructed directly in an interactive graphical score. The result is output as Audio (through CSound) or MIDI. The generated audio can be played back through JACK or exported to an audiofile.

Graphical objects are placed in a timeline and connected together. Some objects are fully dependent on user data, while some are generative and reacts on input from other objects.

AlgoScore has a non-realtime perspective, where the composer can relate freely to time and construct the composition outside of time. This also means that an object has the ability to access all data of another object in a single moment, instead of beeing limited to the streaming data of a current "now".

It is highly customizable and extendible with the Nasal scripting language. It's easy to make your own classes, and also to use nasal code directly in the score for generating or transforming events or control data.

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