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Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

FreeNode is an IRC network, you can join the network via the main hub at (port 6667).
The channel name is #ROX.


You'll need an IRC client (such as XChat) to join in. Then:

  1. Select FreeNode from the list of servers. (or point it at )
  2. Enter your name when prompted.
  3. Type this in the command-entry buffer at the bottom of the window:
    /join #rox
  4. You will be taken to the #rox channel and can see what other people are saying. Anything you type now will be visible to everyone.

Zero Install Forums?

Are there any forums for ZeroInstall users and/or developers? I know you have xchat but that is not always convienient. It would also be nice to search others archived questions, tips, experiences, etc.

I am trying to put together a new rPath based distro and would like to have Conary manage the core distro but one of the better known decentralized packaging systems could hopefully handle user software. Other factors are that I would also like to use GoboLinux file system structure. Do you know if ZeroInstall would play nice on a Gobo file structure with a Conary based core system? I'm guessing from what I've read it should. Does anyone have any experience? Thank you.

Zero Install Forums

The mailing lists are the best place (also available as news, thanks to gmane). See:

Zero Install should work fine with a GoboLinux structure, if you mean putting launchers in /Programs. Of course, by default Zero Install already keeps each application in its own directory in the cache (one sub-directory per version), but named after the cryptographic hash of its contents rather than after the program.

(Some people don't like this. The reason for the naming scheme is simply to allow sharing downloads between users safely, since you can't fake a hash. On a single-user machine, actually storing individual version downloads as /Programs/SomeProg-vX.Y would work too. There's nothing in the interface file format that says you have to use the ~/.cache/... digest scheme.)

ROS port !

This project seems interesting, are there any chance to see it under ReactOS ?

ReactOS® is an advanced free open source operating system providing a ground-up implementation of a Microsoft Windows® XP compatible operating system. ReactOS aims to achieve complete binary compatibility with both applications and device drivers meant for NT and XP operating systems, by using a similar architecture and providing a complete and equivalent public interface.

Official website


I am newbie to Rox Desktop.I want to disable right click in Rox Desktop.what should I do?

Any one help me.


What, disable it everywhere? Why?


A kiosk mode is part of the overall objective

Zero Install on gOS?

I have posted a suggestion that I think Zero Install would be a great fit for the new gOS. What do y'all think? Check out their forum here - And share in the discussion. Do you think we could work with their E17 setup and provide sort of a drag and drop software setup similar to Mac? Especially if someone sets up a site for gOS tested software and ports much of Klik's current library.

If you haven't read about this new distro, it is is based on Ubuntu 7.10 and uses a customized E17 to emulate Mac to some degree. This distro is now being offered on PC's through and many of their stores.

Installation & desinstallation bug

a great bug (i think) because) kind of didn't like because you have to be choosing every single doc and sometimes you dont know which app to use.
How can you uninstall it?

Unmount misbehaving


I have my MP3 player mounted to /media/Sansa e260 by gnome-volume-manager.
Sansa e260 is the name of the player and is dynamically asigned as the directory name and mounted there.
The problem is when I try to unmount (using umount command in options):

Unmount /media/Sansa e260? Yes
umount: /media/Sansa is not mounted (according to mtab)
Unmount failed
There was one error.

As you can see it's trying to unmount /media/Sansa not /media/Sansa e260. My guess is that the umount argument isn't parsed for spaces properly.

Umount bug

Indeed. build_command_with_path() looks broken.

As a work-around, you can set the umount command in the options box to

umount "$1"

The #rox channel on freenode

The #rox channel on freenode is empty! Have you moved to a different network?

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