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create ROX application launchers
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Thomas Leonard

AddApp allows you to install additional applications easily.

Note that AddApp is included in the ROX-All package. If unsure, start with that instead.

To install AddApp itself enter this command in a terminal window:

$ 0launch

If you don't have the 0launch command, get it from the injector page. It's easy to install, as it's just a Python script (also included in ROX-All).

When the command is run, a dialog box should pop up confirming that you want to download and run AddApp:

Click on Run to download and run AddApp. You will now see a ROX-style savebox, offering to create a ROX wrapper for AddApp itself.

Drag the AddApp icon from the window into your Apps directory (or whereever you want it; this is just to create an easy way for you to run it).

Using AddApp to install other programs

The easiest way to install a new program is to drag its URL from a browser window onto AddApp's icon in a filer window. For example, drag the link to the icon now.
You will get another savebox, similar to the one above, but this time letting you create a wrapper for Edit.

More application URLs can be found in

Upgrading applications

The wrappers created by AddApp are not for specific versions of programs. Instead, they can be used to run any version. To change the version used, right-click on the wrapper in a filer window and choose Versions... from the menu.

This will display a dialog box letting you choose the version of Edit you want. Click on Refresh all now to check for newer versions. Double-click on the version number to change it if you don't want the latest one.

More information

See Zero Install and AddApp in the How it works section.

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