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Base platform

The ROX base platform is the minimum library requirements for running the base ROX applications. Third-party applications may require newer libraries, of course, but it should be possible to install a working desktop with these versions.
Currently, the base plaform is:

  • GTK 2.4
  • Python 2.4 (including pygtk)

Python 2.4

So, the next topic for discussion... Python 2.4!

The main objection to using this at present is that it's not in Debian/stable (sarge). New features available with 2.4 are summarised here:

Useful features there include decorators (needed for D-BUS support), the subprocess module and generator expressions.

Python 2.4 :(

:( Sarge users are also human beings...
Wait at least until Etch comes out on CD!

Python 2.4

Etch has been out for a while now, so Python 2.4 is now the minimum!

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