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shows the weather
Current stable version: 
Primary author(s): 
Dennis Tomas

Weather is a panel applet which shows the weather in the panel.
When it's clicked, it shows a forecast.

DOS attack through Weather applet

It can only be described as local DOS attack. As when I run the Weather Applet it shows the continously growing window (with cloud inside) and the window grows and grows and grows and Linux begin swapping and swapping. DOS attack.

Fixed in version 0.2.5

Sorry for the trouble. It's fixed in version 0.2.5.

Weather Stopped Working

It seems to have happened after a recent update to Ubuntu.

Is there anything in Ubuntu that might affect it?

I Don't Know if Denis Will Read This

I don't know if Denis Tomas is likely to read this, but I'm really missing this applet :(

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