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Google Hosting

I was looking for an excuse to play with the new Google hosting service. So I put WiFi there - the reasoning being that it wasn't my code to begin with and if someone else wants to contribute it is a bit easier to give others access (than on my personal site).

I wonder if we should put other abandoned ROX stuff there.

In case you haven't checked it out (rox-wifi) they're offering a simple Home Page, Keywords, SVN access (with very simple web view), and an Issue Tracker with a very simple interface. Discussions can be linked to Google Groups.

No provision so far for releases (downloads) other than sticking them in SVN somewhere.

It seems pretty plain, but it works and is dead simple to set up.

Google svn

Another annoyance is that you can't import an existing svn repository, so you'll lose the project's history when you add it :-(

SVN 1.4 & svnsync

Soon to be less of a problem.

"A new tool — svnsync — is now installed as part of the standard distribution. This tool provides the ability to replicate history from one repository to another. The replication can happen all at once, or can be done incrementally through repeated 'sync' operations. Because the tool uses the abstract network (RA) API, the source and destination repositories can be either local, remote, or any combination thereof.

Compatibility note: in order to "push" information into a destination repository, any version of the server will suffice. The pushing is done through ordinary network commits. To "pull" history from the source repository, however, requires a 1.4 (or later) server.

Usage of this tool will be documented in the Subversion book soon, but for now, running svnsync help should suffice; the number of subcommands is very small, and the help system documents them all."

Google did upgrade to SVN 1.4

Google did upgrade to SVN 1.4, so svnsync should be supported now.

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