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Trashcan application for the ROX Filer and Desktop
Current stable version: 
Current testing version: 
Primary author(s): 
Gabriel Rojas ( - Fernando Garcia Bermudez (

A modified version of the trashcan application written for Puppy Linux by Dan Van Wormer. It was adapted to be non-distribution and non-user specific and updated to the latest version of ROX-Filer.

It is undergoing substantial development in order to make it adhere tothe 'Desktop Trash Can Specification' and related specifications.

Control X in Rox Filer

Does this trashcan capture files deleted by Control-X in Rox filer?


No, it won't (at least, by default).

You need to customize your menu to use it.

and how i can do it? I use X

and how i can do it?

I use X + icewm + rox-filer
I install rox-trasher.
It works fine by moving files into rox-trasher folder, but I need to use hot key to delete and restore files from it.

I find how to change hot keys in rox-filer menus (~/.config/, but I cannot find how to change action for delete menu.

(excuse for my english)

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